Motion graphics is one of the most sorts after skills the market today because of every tv program, every documentary, every artist, in fact... nearly everybody today requires the service of a good motion graphics or graphics designer one way or the other.

The media industry is large but one thing is very common and it cuts across all the wings of the industry and that is graphics.

If you can draw or have an eye for graphic design then this course is for you.

The  3D Animation course will run for a duration of 3 months, We have a process of tutoring which is divided into ONSITE CLASSES and OFFSITE CLASSES.

ONSITE CLASSES: This simply means classes where the students and the tutors meet in a physical class for the purpose of education. This classes will take place 3 times a week for 2hours or more depending on the practical work at hand and this is the standard for the duration of the course

OFFSITE CLASSES: This simply mean students are expected to join an online class 3 times a week for 1 hour for the duration of the course. details will be provided for students in the Digitalgods Login area which is reserved for only enrolled students.

During the course of learning, students will be given assignments after every class, both on-site of off-site classes, and you will be expected to have them ready by the appointed deadline.

Assesment Types: 

Class Quiz: this will be the day to day tool to check that you are actually understanding and also to know what aspects need work.

Personal Projects: every student will be expected to embark on a personal project, this will also aid in quantifying your level of understanding of the program.

Group Project: students will be divided into groups and be given a task of taking an idea and using what they have learnt, turn it into a brilliant short film which will be screen on graduation day at the Digitalgods Academy Awards which will be attended by celebrities in the film industry from actors, producers, directors, cinematographers to mention a few. 

In a bid to get you on your feet in no time, we are going to be inviting  guest speakers, top industry personnel to come and give the class a first-hand account of  their experience in the industry but the icing on the cake is, we are also going to take on a music video project where we all will collectively use the skills learnt at Digitalgods Academy, to produce a music video for a celebrity in Nigeria, and it is going to be EPIC!

The 3D Animation students will be responsible for the creation and animation of all 3d assets in the Music video.

The 3D Animation course costs 100,000 Naira Only. you don't have that much? no worries. have a chat with the marketing department and discuss a payment plan that can work for you.

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