CEO/TUTOR- Film Production& 3D Animation.

Christopher Adebowale Kingston [formerly: Christoper Adebowale Ogundipe], a Nigerian with maternal roots from Jamaica, and paternal roots from Ogun state, Nigeria. A cool headed individual with an easily aprochable persona.

Mr. Kingston is the CEO of Digitalgods Academy, He is a seasoned veteran of the art of creative conceptualization. As a result of his journey through the world of creativity, he has been opportune to meet and exchange creative juices with a lot of individuals both great and small in the industry both internationally and locally. A cool calm and collected individual, easily approachable and opened to creative minds. He conceptualized Digitalgods Academy when he was enrolled in a film school [NMTC] in Dublin Ireland where he was under the tutorage of great creative minds, he then realized it will be a good investment to bring back the knowledge he acquired and try to contribute to the standardization and solidification of the industry here in Nigeria.

He has worked on many projects, both in commercial and personal capacity, and also worked with many industry pros, celebrities, companies etc.  


A combination of personal projects and also projects which I was contracted to be part of in various capacities.

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